Heihe University Spirit

Work hardtoachieve greatcareer,improveto become strong, innovate to develop new ideas, educate toconstructborderland.

Work hardtoachieve greatcareer: befearlesstocreate new achievements when facing difficulties;improve to become strong: be working hardandnever stop;innovate to develop new ideas:be brave to innovate andscientifically develop;educate toconstructborderland: be educated to build borderland.Thespirit behind these phrases reflects the long process of development of Heihe University ,from a few scattered tiled huts to the building of a community, from amakeshift preparatory office fifty years ago to the professional degree-conferringuniversity it is today. The people of Heihe University have achieved this by working hard, often in difficult conditions, improvingtheir own skills and collaborating with others. The creativity and resilienceof the people of Heihe University have been keyfactors in their continual search for new ideas, promoting scientificdevelopment to solve problems and overcome difficulties. This is the spirit of the people of Heihe,working together in their frontier city to achieve economic and socialdevelopment for the region.This philosophy gives the people of Heihe University the intellectual impetus to work together, knowing that through synergy andconsensus we can achieve great things.