Heihe University Motto and Its Meaning

Theuniversity motto:Illustrious Virtue, DiligentStudy, High Aspiration, and Seeking Truth. It is interpreted as follows.

“IllustriousVirtue”is extracted from the very beginning ofThe Great Learning, what the great learningteaches is to illustrate illustrious virtue, to renovate the people, and torest in the highest excellence. ‘illustrious virtue’ means to manifest ethics,perfect moral characters. Teachers and students are advocated to constrainttheir moral behaviors and display perfect moral character through study andpractice, so that intrinsic excellence, highest morality and perfect humandignity could be presented.

“DiligentStudy”advocates students to devote themselves tostudy ambitiously, single-heartedly, and persistently and fight against ficklenessand vanity. Only accumulated knowledge and skills are able to lead tosuccessful career, achievement, and practicality.

“HighAspiration”constantly encourages teachers andstudents to become stronger, stimulate them to foster their ambitions andenhance their courage in front of frustrations.

“SeekingTruth”means to be erudite and to seek the truth. Arigorous teaching and learning approach and a creative scientific consciousnessare required in the university.

Extracted fromChinese classical literature with deep implications, the university mottoundertakes rich connotation, culturally and scientifically. Being conjured witheach other in different aspects, the four phrases illustrate the commonaspiration and the joint interests of the university and display the managementideology and the objective of talent cultivation.