The Meaning Behind Heihe UniversityBadge

The Heihe University badge takes the form of a circle,consisting of two concentric rings, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence ofstudents and faculty as they strike towards mutual development and the progressof Heihe University . In the inner ring is aglobe, highlighting the international dimension of the University, andparticularly its links with Russia .Above the globe is a peace dove whose shape is intended to suggest the lettersHHXY – being the pinyin abbreviation for Heihe University .The dove’s wings are also shaped in a way that is intended to represent theHeilongjiang Rive which flows between China and Russia ,and thus the dove symbolizes the long historical friendship between the twocountries. 1958 is the year the University was founded. The Chinese and Englishnames are in the outer circle, helping to give emphasis to the themes of thebadge. The badge is blue in colour, which not only conforms to the house style of Heihe University , but also symbolizes the University’sdeep cultural heritage, its tolerance and openness.

The badge of Heihe University is simple,elegant and meaningful with vivid colours andsmooth lines. It is a concentrated expression of the spirit and spiritual connotationof the university.