TheMeaningBehindHeiheUniversity Anthem

The songreflects the unique characteristics and rich spiritual connotations of Heihe University ,which is located on the northern bank of the Heilongjiang River .The lyrics describe the unique geographical advantages of being located on the Heilongjiang River ,which forms part of the border between China and Russia .The song depicts thecharacteristicsof the University’s educational philosophy, which is founded on the idea ofcooperation in education and the sharing of intellectual resources between China and Russia . This is fostered by theharmonious culture of Heihe University campus, where peoplewill instantly recognize the healthy spirit ofambitionand progress from faculty andstudents alike. The closing lines remind us that Heihe University ,as a frontier university, confidently takes on its pioneering role, and helpsprepare us for a better future in the path towards social development.

The anthemborrows from the traditional Russian musical style in terms of its melody,which reflects Heihe University ’s uniquegeographical location and its open, innovative and inclusive educational philosophy.