General Information      

  Heihe University is located in Heihe, Heilongjiang Province, where it is known as “The Pearl of theNorth”. It was founded in 1958, and is the only institution of higher learning along the 4,300

kilometer-long Sino-Russian borderline in China.    

Heihe University went through several stages of development, during which it was called by other names, such as Heihe Normal Post-secondary College, Qiqihar University Extension, etc. In

2004, Heihe University launched its four-year undergraduate programme.Two years later, it belonged to one of the provincial universities in China. Over the past 50 years, the university’s

spirit ofarduous struggle, self-discipline, creativity, and social commitment”has inspired many generations of Heihe teachers and students to strive for the prosperity of China. Heihe

University has become an important institution for training regional talents, serving border areas, and promoting the local culture.      

We have comprehensively improved the quality of education at Heihe University through a process of reform and innovation to meet the rising higher education standards. At present, Heihe University covers a total area of 536,000 squaremeters and a floor space of 243,600 square meters. The total amount of fixed assets is 310 million yuan. The university has a faculty of 782, and 9,481

undergraduates. In addition to 50 foreign students, there are also nearly 1,400students taking courses in adult education. Heihe University consists of 14 schools (divisions), with 36

undergraduate specialties offered. Among these specialties, there are two state-level featured specialties, three provincialkey specialties as well as a key discipline supported by “The Twelfth

Five-Year Plan” of Heilongjiang Province. There are also three provincial high-quality courses, two provincial high-quality teaching teams, and seven provincial teaching achievement prizes.

In addition, the university has one “Off-campus Practice Base for Students” at the national level, one “Experimental Zone for Training Innovative Talents” at the provincial level, as well as

two provincial “Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers”. With the implementation of “The Eleventh Five-year Plan”, Heihe University attaches great importance to scientific research

and has made enormous achievements. In terms of research projects, ten are at the national level and 239 other projects at the provincial level, of which557 have been awarded Excellent

Achievement Prizes. There are also 270 authorized patents here. Additionally, the university has set up some research institutes, including the Research Institute for TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)of Heilongjiang Province, the Research Center for History, Culture and SocialDevelopment in the Sino-Russian Borderland, the Research Institute forComparative Education,

and the Research Institute for Environmental Art.    

Heihe University is now taking full advantage of its unique location, and its profile continues to rise in the international school arena while developing talent in cooperation with joint schools.

The university is very active in expanding its international exchanges and communication, and has established cooperative relations with some renowned foreign universities. The forms of

cooperation range from exchanging students, inviting overseas professors or experts for academic activities, developing extra curricular activities, and publishing journals jointly, to training

undergraduates and postgraduates jointly. Approved by the Ministry of Education, Heihe University is among the first group of universities to be selected for the part of the “Sino-Russian

Cooperative Training Project for Undergraduates” and the “Exchange Base for Sino-Russian University Students”, as well as one of the first universities to set up a “Russian Language

Center”. Heihe University remains at the forefront of Sino-Russian exchange by making innovative projects, such as the first “Training Base for Studying Abroad in Russia”, established

jointly with Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange; China’s first “Research Base for TRIZ among Sino-Russian Universities ”; the first bilingual journal (Journal of Far Eastern

Higher Education, co-published with Far Eastern universities in Russia); and the first Confucius Institute, co-established with Blagoveshchensk National Normal University in Amur region.

Moreover, the International Youth Congress event, themed “Cherish Youth Hand in Hand, Enjoy Life in the Sun” was selected as one of the top 100 practical social activitiesby the Russian

government, and was awarded the “Excellent Activity in Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange” by the State Duma.      

Heihe University’sachievements have been officially recognised through a string of awards inrecent years. For example, the university has won consecutively the titles of the “Experimental

Zone for Applied and Innovative Personnel Training in Sino-Russian Cooperation”, the “Distinctive Applied Institution of Higher Learning”, the “National Model University for Language

Standardization”, the “Advanced Unit for Construction of Professional Ethics in the Educational System of Heilongjiang Province” and the “Model of Civilized Units of Heilongjiang


   Today, all of the staff and students of Heihe University are dedicating, with full confidence, their concerted efforts towards advancing the goal of building Heihe University into an

application-oriented institution for higher learning. Now Heihe University is contributing to foster interdisciplinary talents with social responsibility,creative spirit and practical ability.